Exceptional, Heavy Duty Industrial Hinges


WE OFFER FOUR MODELS of heavy duty steel hinges (the first four on this page) MADE HERE IN Lubbock, TX

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All four models have 180+ degrees of swing. All of our industrial hinges are NON-HANDED, which means they are already made to work for either hand when you receive them.

We will customize your hinges.

We will barter for hinges.

Installation of your heavy duty gate hinges or door hinges is available at your site. Just call or email us.

6000 LB Heavy Door Hinge 6000 LB. capacity on a 5' wide x 8' high door

6000 lb hinge



$399 each

The 6000 lb hinge is shown with a heavy duty roller thrust bearing, assembled dimensions...11" high x13" wide, and weighs 16 lbs (7.26 kg.). The pictured 6000 lb. heavy duty gate hinges are swinging the crash proof security gates over the past three years at the White House. (9/31/2012)

This Heavy Door Hinge is cast 1025 low carbon steel construction and can be ordered with precision cast bronze radial bearings. You have a choice of a stock bronze thrust bearing or a roller thrust bearing like in the pic above for an additional $25. The pin is 3/4" diameter 1045 steel. This unit weighs only 16 lbs. (7.27 kg.)

If you need it, we will build our 6000 lb. model hinge from cast stainless or solid bronze. Call for an estimate or further specs. Call 806-500-4797.

Welded on or bolted. Gross weight 16 lbs.!

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399 USD

20,000 LB Heavy Door Hinge 20,000 LB. capacity on a 5' wide x 8' high door

20000 lb hinge

backplate drawing


$649 each

The 20,000 lb Heavy Door Hinge is shown with a cast bronze thrust bearing. Assembled dimensions are 15" high x 18" wide. Note that the back plate on this picture is made to bolt onto the door frame, and the flap plate is to be welded to the door, so it has no mounting holes (please see the pdf files under the photo.) We supply this hinge with or without holes.

Our 20,000lb industrial hinges are being used by the US Army for 2" thick steel explosion proof bunker doors at the Yuma, AZ proving grounds, and on other explosion resistant structures and on bank vaults. A stainless version is used for certain levee applications.

This hinge is 1025, low carbon cast steel construction. It can be ordered with precision cast SAE 660 bronze radial bearings and stock bronze thrust bearings, or heavy duty roller thrust bearings for an additional $48. The hinge pin is 1-1/2" diameter, 1045 steel. This hinge weighs only 64 lbs. (29 kg.)

With a 1 3/4" pin, two of these hinges can handle a 35,000 lb. door. A 1 1/2" pin works, but the larger pin causes the door to move with less force applied.

Call for an estimate or further specifications: 806-500-4797

They can be welded on or bolted on. Only 55 lbs. gross weight!

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649 USD

2000 LB Heavy Door Hinge
2000 LB. capacity on a 5' wide x 8' high door

2000 lb hinge



$199 each

This hinge is cast 1025 low carbon steel with precision cast SAE 660 bronze bearings. Assembled dimensions are 6.5 inches long (top to bottom in this picture) x 5.5 inches wide. The hinge pin is 1045 steel, 1/2" diameter. For marine applications it works well made out of solid bronze or stainless steel. This hinge is being used by the Marine Corps and the US Army on bunkers in Afghanistan. Gross weight of the hinge is 2.4 lbs. (1.25 kg.)

Looks good on any door. Call 806-500-4797 for further specifications.

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199 USD

#6000LBCD Heavy Door Hinge
6000 pound capacity CASTLE DOOR HINGE on a 5’ wide x 8’ high door

6000 lb hinge

Castle Door Hinges out of Bronze. This is a stylized 6000 lb. hinge. Shown is the hinge itself and the tapped plate for the opposite side of the door. Each hinge is comprised of one hinge (top in this picture) and one tapped nut plate (bottom of the picture). We can make this from ductile iron.

This hinge is being used on a huge 2 1/2" solid wood security door, 11' high x 12' long, weighing 1200 lbs. At those dimensions it could handle 4 times that weight. Stainless pin.

Made in the USA


Call us for pricing 800-476-3674

#3000LB Heavy Duty Steel Hinge, Weld on

3000 lb hinge, weld on

3000 lb hinge, weld on


1025 low carbon steel. The pin is mild steel, 3/4" diameter. This hinge is a weld on only model. It weighs 7 pounds.

1025 lb hinge, low carbon steel

660 TO 110 POUND CAPACITY. 2" TO 8" LONG. $15 TO $50

• Tear-drop Profile
• High Load Capacity
• Professional Appearance
• Ideal For Gates, Toolboxes, Doors, Trailers, BBQs, Etc.
• Permits Smooth Operation
• Eliminates Fasteners & Unsightly Leaves
• Can Be Welded On As Lift-off or Permanently Mounted
• Paintable To Match Door or Frame
• Can Be Galvanized
• Available With Grease Fittings

Call us for pricing 806-500-4797

Weld-On-Hinge 3-Piece

The 3-piece weld-on hinge is the heavy-duty hinge to use when extreme loads are being applied. It is easy to weld on and has a professional appearance after completion.

weld on 3 pc


5 1/4" Overall length, 1500 lbs. capacity, P/N A3E135, $69.95
6" Overall length, 2000 lbs. capacity, P/N A3E150, $79.95
7" Overall length, 2900 lbs. capacity, P/N A3E180, $89.95
8" Overall length, 4000 lbs. capacity, P/N A3E200, $109.95

weld-on applications

5 flag hinge

flag hinges


5/8" pin, 6" long over all, 2 piece, P/N KOS160, $60 ea.